Heyo! I’m Netta, a product designer in San Francisco.

Product Designer, web

I can't show you anything I worked on at Palantir due to the sensitivity of its contents, but I can tell you that it was █████ ███ for an energy company located in ██████. I helped them with ███████ ███, performed on-site user testing, and ██████. Hmm. Looks like I can't tell you much either, whoops.


Lead Designer, web


Sole UI designer, iOS and web


UI designer, iOS and web


UI designer, iOS and web

Holla at me
I’m currently seeking full time employment, and may be available for small freelance projects. Wanna collaborate on something cool? Want feedback on that idea you’ve been sitting on for 6 weeks? Just wanna say hey? Hit me up, chances are I’ll say hey back.

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