Tally is an iOS app that makes credit cards less expensive and easier to manage. As the Head of Design, I laid the foundation for design processes, helped inform the team on best design practices, organized and facilitated user interviews, and rolled up my sleeves for actual design work.

I joined Tally as their 3rd employee (5th after the founders) in August of 2015. All we had at the time was an idea and a non-designed prototype. I decided the best plan was to take a step back and first figure out who we were designing for, so I created a testing plan for us to have video calls with potential users. We set out to Craigslist and received hundreds of responses. The next week, we spoke with roughly 30 people about credit cards, finances, money, and budgeting. Now that we had a rough idea of who we were building for, it was time to tackle what we should be building. We got back to work on our prototype.

After having a functioning prototype, it was time to test again. We published another Craigslist ad, sifted through the responses, and scheduled people to come in to test. I created a script and testing plan, and facilitated the user studies.

We then went through many iterations, and 2 full redesigns in the span of 8 months. During this time, we decided to change our company and app name from Augmint, but were still running through options.

Money is a sensitive subject, and we wanted to find ways to make our app approachable. One iteration included colors to denote the different section users were in, fun illustrations, and small animations throughout the sign-up process.

After spending some time with design, we decided that we could push ourselves even further. We explored a completely different design style — one that better matched native iOS — and continued to make additional enhancements to the experience by making copy easier to understand, and grouping together similar form questions to minimize the number of taps required by a user.